CAMOTES ISLAND Serenity and Beauty at its Best Time

It was not my first time to travel at Camotes Islands, Cebu  but this trip with my best of friends was something I needed the most.

I’ve been so gloomy and down this past month though I have family and friends who continuously encourage me  to stay tough and be faithful to God’s plans. I will always be reminded with the traumatic event me and my boyfriend had been last month a week after his birthday he collapse in the middle of a basketball game. Rushed to the nearest hospital, and me inside the ambulance was the situation in my whole life I wouldn’t like to  experience once again. Three days at the hospital and was discharge without any diagnosis. Two weeks after we had a follow up check up and the news just crushed our world to pieces, the doctor said he has Arteroveinous Malformation (AVM) – a tangle of abnormal and poorly formed blood vessels. The doctor then added that he is a ticking bomb and anytime the malformation would complicate, he might be paralyzed, his ability to see, speak and remember would be gone. It was heart breaking but we have to move forward specially I’am his source of energy and encourage him always.

Hard as it is we must proceed to what ever we are facing, my boyfriend was the optimistic between us he encourages me with work related and even family and financial problems. But this one is a higher level of challenge in our relationship, a test of faith to ourselves and GOD. Fascinatingly he did accept it wholeheartedly without questions and doubts. He even said, “if GOD wants me to join him today, Ill gladly come for he is the owner of everything and that includes my life”. It was relief that he accepted it and move forward to life, but it was a hard pinch in my heart that I cannot do anything about it. It was me who can’t move on, look forward and continue in life. Acceptance was hard thing for me.

The trip with my best friends is schedule before the incident happened, they were so excited as I’am but I cancelled to join them a week before. They promptly understand my situation that why they nodded on my decision.

It was a day before the trip my boyfriend told me to go with them to unwind and heal. To regain energy and be back to him the way I was. That was heart breaking but I know he loves me so that made him let me go just for the weekend trip. Then the day of the trip came.

Saturday our trip was early 8:30 am, and even in the midst of the trip I was thinking of possibilities and future scenarios what might happen in my life. I just slept to distract my thoughts of the events in my life. I told myself, “you were here to enjoy not to overthink”.

Camotes, has been my Top 1 destination in Cebu, it has a lot to offer from pristine beaches, white powdery sands to cliff dives and caves to explore – Camotes has it all. We were warmly welcomed by the owner of the rest house we were staying for the whole trip. A laid back 2 hectare recently developed land. There were three guest house available we occupied the one near the cliff with a fascinating view of sunset.

Laid back as it is I just wish to stay at the rest house but my best friend eagerly invited me to go with the island tour.

Santiago White Beach, was as gorgeous as ever may it be high tide or low tide it would never be dismay your expectations. The vast shoreline complemented the blue lining of the sky, sun was not hat irritating  hot but just right for the skin to get tanned.

Next stop Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort, with an entrance fee of Php 20.00 pesos you got to enjoy unlimited picture taking in the white powdery sand of the resort. For its December not a peak season for tourist not crowded as summer in Camotes. We had the luxury of time to take pictures as many as we can.


We were busy deepin in the waters of  Bakhaw beach we forgot to take some pictures with an entrance fee of Php 5 per person you can enjoy basking under the sun.  The rained poured but we still love to bath in the water. Enjoying the rain and the beach, a playful and worthy experience. Grateful God created these phenomena for us to enjoy the beauty of earth.  We headed back to where we stayed and get ready for dinner. Our host was kindhearted that he made our meals for us perfectly enjoy our stay.


Came the perfect sunset, it was the serenest and beautiful thing I’ve stared that afternoon. A creation of God that made me realize that,” Hey your alive and kicking why are you fond of imprisoning yourself with things you have no control with, trust God like you trust God that every time the sun sets today, tomorrow you’ll see it again when it rises”. It was an amazing chance an experience truly soul healing. I felt I’m back, the girl with so much ambition, dreams and hopes is back. I was then grateful I had experience that great sunset. So THANKFUL !!!


Sunday came, we decided to have a laid back day – no tours just rest and enjoy the serenity and calmness of the place. I was thankful to my best friends that they made an effort to urge me to come with them and enjoy. From college to present we were support system of each other. Our problems are everyone’s problems. Another realization, GOD made sure to give me friends whom love me unconditional and cared for me as a family because he knows Life of Earth wont be easy.


I came home neither tired nor sleepy I was recharged and fully energize with the weekend trip. Healed and ready to battle up the uncertainties of Life,

Thank you Camotes imo kong gi pa move on. !!!!

Thank you to my Best friends for not giving up on me.

and Thank you GOD it was all your plan.

COVID-19 made me DO THIS !

Yes you heard it right, it’s a blog regarding COVID but to be clear I wont write about scientific and political issues about the pandemic and make you even more bored in the house bored reading my blog.

It has been three years since my last published blog on my very own guide on how to apply for Philippine passport 2017 GOAL version 1. and proceed to a indefinite “Hiatus” for no particular reasons at all, but really I got caught up with career and life.  Just so I can update my few but cherish readers, I am married to my long time boyfriend since late December last year whom I wrote a blog about our trials in life that we continue to surpass CAMOTES ISLAND Serenity and Beauty at its Best Time . I am still working as corporate slave in the company were I almost quit, Yes I wrote a blog about it to Before you say “I QUIT” .

Back to the main topic, ohh right the pandemic ! 

In the Philippines particularly in Cebu City we are under community quarantine since March 2020, it has been about 2 months  I lost count of the days we are locked up. Fortunately we belong to essential enterprise and allowed to work amidst the pandemic “are we considered front liner to?” some didn’t get a chance to work this time and are depending on the government assistance. My family is safe and staying at home while I am required to stay in dormitory provided by the company to lessen my exposure to transmission to corona virus. Yes! currently we are work – dorm – work routine everyday nothing much. Gladly I have a bunch or dorm mates that I easily get along with we laugh at slightest jokes we throw and make fun with one another. 

Realizations from the pandemic ” you should keep yourself sane in any way possible”

With so much news legit and fake spreading around the social media and mainstream media even messenger chain messages news we need to keep ourselves sane at any cost. So that is the reason I am back to writing in my blog to express the thoughts in my mind that are in boomerang everyday overthinking things and scanning on what ifs and fears of the future. Hope you still welcome me in this platform and continue to read my little words.

Stay well. Stay at Home. We heal as one.

Wedding Ceremony – December 2019

2017 GOAL version 1.0


Philippine Passport


Lets start the year right, away from travel and leisure post ; I’ll be publishing guides on basic credentials acquisition and any methods I can share. May it help anyone whose in need of the information.

philippine-epassportOne of my major goals this 2017 is to travel abroad,  but first I need to acquire Philippine Passport to fly wherever I wanna go. In Philippines, passport application is very rigorous; the list of requirements are numerous, system is thorough and lines are painstaking.  I would take you with me in my step by step journey in accomplishing my goal.

Here are the list of Requirements for Initial Passport Application (;

  1. Personal Appearance
  2. Confirmed Appointment
  3.  Passport Application Form, printed  in A4 Size Plain Paper and fill in completely and accurately in the web portal of DFA
  4. Birth Certificate in SECPA (security paper) issued by PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority) or certified true copy of Birth Certificate issued by Local Civil Registrar and duly authenticated by PSA
  6. Supporting Documents for Proof of Identity

Step 1  : Acquire the necessary VALID PICTURE ID’s & Supporting Documents for Proof of Identity

(Bring any of the available, bring more than one of the following to ensure the accuracy of the data in the ID and supporting documents  matches with the online application)

List of  Acceptable ID’s ( Government Issued ID such as the following ;

  • Digitized SSS ID
  • Driver’s License
  • GSIS E-card
  • PRC ID
  • IBP ID
  • Digitized BIR ID
  • Senior Citizen’s ID
  • Unified Multi-Purpose ID
  • Voter’s ID

Other acceptable ID;

  • Old College ID
  • Alumni ID
  • Old Employment IDs

List of the acceptable supporting documents (Old documents issued at least one year prior to date of application that show correct name, date and place of birth, picture and signature of applicant, at least 2 of the following):

  • PSA Marriage Contract (if married)
  • Land Title
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Elementary or High School Form 137 or Transcript of Records with readable dry seal
  • Government Service Record
  • NBI Clearance
  • Police Clearance
  • Barangay Clearance
  • Digitized Postal ID
  • Readable SSS-E1 Form or Microfilmed Copy of SSS-E1 Form
  • Voter’s Certification, List of Voters and Voter’s Registration Record (please attach receipt)
  • School Yearbook

Just thinking of the process of acquiring the long list of documents needed, I’m thinking of giving up just kidding aside.

Next post step by step guide on how to get the long list of documents and acceptable ID’s needed for Passport Application.

Thy will be done.

3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge

First entry for 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge shared by a friend (I consider him one) heyitsnyse , thank you for the chance.

We don’t have  to take life seriously we will never get out of it alive. Better spend it with what makes you happy and alive. Make memories with everyone you love and keep it near to your heart. Here’s a life quote I believe in and hopefully live thru this course of life.


Before you say “I QUIT”

I’ve been working in a company for 3 years now, its my first job commitment since college graduation. I love my job I find it interesting, challenging and fulfilling but sometimes  realization strikes that things are not going to change as you want them to and that YOU need to make the change.

He’s a very encouraging manager, a helpful mentor, I had what I can consider as an ideal leader. The one who interviewed and challenge me to accept the position as his assistant, noticed my potential and hired me on the spot. We had a quite good relationship manager assistant bond; he cultivated my potentials and skills, praise my work and correct my mistakes and he was a good boss to me he even treat me as a member of their family.

An assignment was given to manage new company portfolio, a project I’am not familiar with. Gladly I accepted the challenge, presumed I will learn and cope up with the work load. The team started from scratch , No Document Flow  Standard Procedure and everyone is hardheaded and a mess. I know its a part of the challenge part of my duty that I must accomplish.

There was a launching event for the newest portfolio, my nerves were cracking and my heart pounding loud and fast. I could not take the fear of rejection and failure, I questioned myself Am’I capable of this responsibility, questioned my mentor “Did they overly trusted me with the project”. I was full of what ifs, what will and I don’t know. The event was a success we’ve launch the company’s newest project but it didn’t stop there, the pressure of sustaining the momentum of the launching must be maintained.

The days and months past it became a routine we sell they buy we market they flock. It was a passive journey I’m taking  I feel I am not stepping up I am not developing. What is my problem, I need an inspiration I need to have back my determination and have to find a solution. I keep on and on with the daily operation supporting my team, occasionally making memorandums, reports and request but I find it not challenging not interesting. Where was the person I am the day  I first step in this company, what had I become, do I have to be blame for what I am now, or was the company responsible of what I’am looking for I’am looking for happiness enjoyment in my craft. I’am not feeling my heart unto my work  and I don’t know what to do. Can I just erased everything and start something new can I formulate antidote for the weariness and lonesome I’m feeling. I feel guilt that the job I once love, now I’m utterly uninterested, unhappy and unsatisfied.

In the midst of this confusion, I’am still hopeful Ill find my answer and create another chapter in my life. New Happy Chapter.

Processed with VSCOcam

Before I say quit, can I ask your honest opinion on my thoughts . Kindly drop a comment below. I would love to read and reply on your views and advice.